A year of highlights. Graphic from Group Sustainability Report 2018

Combatting climate change

Today, buildings consume 30 percent of the world’s energy use. By renovating and filling them with high-quality, recyclable, and fire-resistant insulation such as ROCKWOOL’s, we could reduce the heating demand of buildings by 70 percent.

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Growing the circular economy

In 2018, we recycled approximately 130 000 tonnes of stone wool from the market and doubled the number of countries in which we offer recycling programmes – and we’re aiming to increase that number three-fold by 2030. We’re also working to reduce the waste we send to landfill as well as our own water consumption and the energy and carbon intensity of our production processes.

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Safeguarding citizens’ wellbeing

Our commitment to safety and wellbeing extends to our products, which include non-combustible insulation and cladding that help stop the spread of fire as well as our acoustic ceiling tiles that reduce unwanted noise and help create healthier, more productive, and less disruptive indoor environments.

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Sustainability Report 2018 (SR18). 
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Every year I look forward to sharing this document with the public as it helps explain who ROCKWOOL is and why we exist

Jens Birgersson

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