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The industry’s first stone wool insulation with built-in corrosion inhibitor (available in North America)

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Water is essential for life, but it’s a problem when it shows up inside the insulation around your plant’s piping systems. Water not only increases heat losses through the insulation but can quickly lead to aggressive corrosion under insulation (CUI).

But with ProRox® mandrel wound pipe sections with CR-Tech, CUI may have finally met its match. CR-Tech’s proprietary corrosion inhibitor shields against CUI by creating a protective layer between the pipe’s outer wall and the insulation’s inner surface.  

This state-of-the-art solution delivers wide-ranging benefits to your plant, your people, and neighboring communities.

Corrosion mitigation and water repellency in one

In rigorous industry-standard tests, CR-Tech achieves 5X better corrosion mitigation than other hydrophobic insulation for industrial pipe. Combined with our proprietary WR-Tech™ Water Repellency Technology built-in, you’ll get an insulation solution that absorbs less water and stays drier for longer.

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Performance beyond corrosion defense

ProRox with CR-Tech also offers outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation properties for safer, more efficient plant performance, lower energy consumption and emissions, and reduced impact environmental and social impacts.

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Simple, low-cost installation

ProRox with CR-Tech comes in hinged pipe sections that are robust and lightweight, making them simple and easy to install while lowering the costs of material, handling, and installation.

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