Floating Floor

To obtain a good comfort, a good noise reduction is required between the individual decks. To prevent noise – particularly impact sound and structure borne noise– from travelling from one cabin to another you must use an insulation solution which has the necessary rigidity, elasticity and noise reduction/absorption.

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation has for this purpose developed and for many years marketed the “SeaRox SL 436” (Marine Slab 140) with an excellent track record. This product is widely used by dedicated floating floor companies as the core material, combined with different types of load spreading top layers and base layers.
These solutions are extensively used on cruise liners where stringent requirements are made in order for people to be able to enjoy their cruise without being bothered by noise. At the same time many of these floating floor constructions are made as approved A-60 Deck Fire Protection Solutions. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation also supplies solutions for floating floor, approved for A-60 Deck Fire Protection


Throughout the accommodation areas of a vessel or living quarter, it is required to have B-Class fire restriction zones and fire protection between each cabin. At the same time it is needed to have comfort and noise insulation between each cabin, towards public areas etc.

For the sake of the fire safety owners and producers of ship’s panels and living quarters often require the core of the panels to consist of stone wool. For this purpose the SeaRox Marine Slab (Marine Slab) range of products has proven to be highly successful.
ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation has together with the customers developed a great number of special products possessing high compressive and delaminating strength as well as great fire resistance, which has been approved as non-combustible according to latest IMO regulations. The panel and door manufacturers hereby have an outstanding core material for the fabrication of sandwich constructions.



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