Columns are pillar-shaped vessels, which are mainly used in the (petro) chemical industry for distillation or the extraction of substances. They often form the key elements in chemical or petrochemical plants. The processes in columns often only operate at certain temperatures. 

Purpose of insulation

The insulation on vessels and columns plays an important role in their functionality. It also has the following purposes:

  • Reduces heat losses
  • Guarantees protection against contact by minimising the surface temperature
  • Reduces the cooling of the substance, so it remains fluid and does not set
  • Ensures the column remains at the necessary process temperatures
  • Prevents heating of the substance (for example, through solar radiation)
ProRox SL 930 for columns

Since columns are often located outdoors, it is important to select insulation with a low thermal conductivity and excellent water‑repellent properties. Board insulation, such asProRox SL 930, is primarily used for the insulation of vessels and columns because of its water resistant qualities. ProRox wired mats such as ProRox WM 950 are used as an alternative for the insulation of columns.

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