Protect your insulation with SeaRox® facings

Improve the performance and safety of your SeaRox® stone wool insulation with specialist pre-applied facings in reinforced or laminated aluminium foil, glass cloth or glass tissue.

Optimising your SeaRox insulation for a long life in service

SeaRox insulation products improve thermal efficiency, fire safety and comfort in marine and offshore installations. But how can you maximise the performance of your insulation for the long-term, and at the same time save weight and cost ? The answer is facings – an attractive, protective layer that protects your insulation from the elements and may act as a replacement for cladding/plates in areas where there is low risk of mechanical impact.

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Key benefits

  • Reduce weight and save cost by replacing cladding in areas with limited traffic
  • Improve the appearance of your marine and offshore installations
  • Protect your insulation from mechanical impact
  • Secure a dust free surface
  • Reduce water vapour ingress 

SeaRox facings – a complete range

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation offers a wide range of facings for SeaRox insulation products.  Check local availability of the facings with your local ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation sales representative.  

Reinforced aluminium foil (ALU)

Glass fibre scrim reinforced aluminium foil, with a total weight of approx. 85 g/m². This surface is mainly used to ensure a dust free service or to reduce water vapour ingress as a vapour barrier for thermal insulation.


Glass cloth white (GW200 or GW400)

This facing functions as a final surface and therefore saves the use of a metal cladding – saving money and weight. The glass cloth gives a white, impact-resistant, dust-free surface with an attractive appearance. It is available in 2 versions GW200 (approx. 210 g/m²) and GW400 (approx. 450 g/m²).

Ideal for areas with limited traffic and mechanical impact, like service rooms, technical rooms, or car decks, precluding the need for extra metal cladding. GW400 is mainly used in navy vessel where additional protection is needed.


White glass cloth laminated with aluminium foil (GW-A)

White glass cloth laminated with aluminium foil on the underside, approx. 275 g/m².

Ideal for areas where you want to combine impact resistance and a nice surface with a water vapour barrier to reduce water vapour ingress.


Aluminium foil laminated with glass cloth on the underside (ALU-G)

This facing has a smooth and shiny surface with a total weight of approx. 275 g/m². The laminated aluminium foil serves as water vapour barrier to reduce water vapour ingress. Ideal for areas where a stronger aluminium facing is required due to risk of damage, or in for instance HVAC applications for gentle cleaning with water. 


Glass Tissue Neutral (TN) or Glass Tissue Black (TB)

White/neutral or black glass tissue approx. 60 g/m². The glass tissue ensures a dust-free surface. The neutral/transparent look gives a bright surface. The black tissue is often used in ventilation shafts or behind a perforated plate.

Ideal for dust encapsulation; for instance, as part of marine panels or OEM products 


SeaRox ALU tape S337

SeaRox ALU tape S337 is a single sided aluminium tape consisting of an aluminium foil carrier with an acrylic dispersion adhesive, lined with a siliconised paper.

Used for sealing of joints between SeaRox ALU and ALU-G faced stone wool products and for terminations towards metal surface.


SeaRox glass cloth tape 120

SeaRox glass cloth tape 120 is a white glass cloth composite self-adhesive tape with aluminium foil on the underside, lined with a siliconised paper.

Used for sealing joints between SeaRox GW200 and GW-A faced stone wool products and for terminations towards metal surfaces.



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