Brandon Donnay, Regional Sales Manager West/Midwest U.S. at ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation, shares his career journey in sales

After earning a bachelor’s degree of science and MBA, Brandon Donnay joined ROCKWOOL in 2016 as regional sales manager at ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation in the United States.

“The main challenge? Growing revenue in a highly competitive market.“

Brandon Donnay

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation
Regional Sales Manager West/Midwest U.S.

Opportunity for adventure

“I chose to come to work for ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation because it was an opportunity to help with providing sustainable energy to our world. Working in the industrial sector looked interesting and very exciting, and it is! The industrial segment is a competitive, growing market, as people’s needs continue to evolve and change. We need new innovative solutions and a company like ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation has a great role to play in enabling the world to adapt and solve problems of growth and conserving precious resources. Helping to conserve energy and create a comfortable future for people and the environment was one of my biggest motivators in joining this organization and remains so today.”

Job satisfaction

“My workday is always dynamic, and diverse. A normal day at the office consists of a mix of emails, phone calls, meetings, and presentations to end users, contractors, distributors, and engineers. In my job as a Regional Sales Manager, I explain the value of ROCKWOOL stone wool solutions to a variety of stakeholders.  I explain to them how our industrial/technical product lines (ProRox & SeaRox) will help solve their problems in safety, efficiency, acoustics, and corrosion. It’s a real challenge, but very rewarding when you can help customers achieve their goals while growing sales in this very competitive market at the same time.  It’s truly a win-win situation.”


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