Loes Lubbers, Supply Chain Manager at ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation, shares her career journey in supply chain and operations

Loes Lubbers is Supply Chain Manager at our Supply Chain and Operations department in the Netherlands, Roermond. With a bachelor’s degree in logistics engineering she started working for ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation in August 2013.

“The support of management and other departments is a real motivation booster.“

Loes Lubbers

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation
Supply Chain Manager

Focused on delivering

“As a supply chain manager I'm responsible for creating and implementing the ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation supply and stock strategy to our customers, within the overall strategy. When I started here, our organization was already a strong, growing ROCKWOOL Group entity. However, a harmonized and centralized supply chain was still being developed. That was – and is – a real challenge in a big, complex group like ROCKWOOL. But it is a necessary evolution that will ultimately benefit all our customers. Understanding all the technical differences between our products and factories so as to serve our truly global customers is a challenge. But my colleagues and I learn something every day, which keeps me focused on delivering the service people expect from ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation.”

Part of something bigger

“Why I like this work so much? As a supply chain manager at ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation I enjoy the benefits of a small entity with multidisciplinary teams. The work is never the same and I don't need to limit myself to one aspect of the supply chain, such as transport, warehousing, inbound or outbound logistics or new product introductions. At the same time, I am part of a large multinational company with a strong history. We source our supplies from multiple ROCKWOOL factories around the world, working closely with local sales teams made up of colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures. That’s fascinating. No two days are ever the same!”

Loes Belgers, employee, person

“And speaking of colleagues: both the ambiance and the people in our company are very positive. There is a great degree of trust and empowerment. I'm responsible for my own work and can plan my own activities to a certain extent. And when I need support from management or the other departments to develop my skills and expertise, I can always count on them. And that’s always good to know and a real motivation booster.”

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